The 40dB Con

29th November, 2021

by Wind Farm Living

One thought on “The 40dB Con

  1. The ‘Aneroid’ website employs some excellent HTML programmers, and has access to 3-hourly power level data for SE Australia, which is apparently the only part of Australia using IWF (Industrial Wind Turbines).
    Click on today’s offer of November 2021 data, then the top RH button MW.
    By my reckoning as a retiree from the US FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) the monthly data on the aggregate MW power of the 69 “wind farms” providing that data show patterns for every month that refute entirely any notion that batteries or even pumped hydro energy storage could provide a replacement for Australia’s huge coal and gas burning industry. You need only look at where 8,587 MW of capacity have produced an aggregate of 5800 MW on one day and in the next 48 hours dropped to less than 600 MW.

    There is an American company working in Indonesia that expects to produce meltdown-immune high temperature MSR (molten salt reactors) that consume 20% uranium fluorides and 80% thorium, at garden hose pressures instead of the 150 atmospheres of current water-moderated PWR technology, for far less per MWh produced than these windmills.
    I am pleased to acknowledge that:
    “The energy markets and systems in south eastern Australia are operated by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and the data on this site is sourced from their publicly available data sets. “

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