Wind Turbines Infrasound Is Detected 40-60 km From Wind Farms During More Than 50% Of The Measurement Days.


The Finnish Association for Environmental Health, SYTe, started measuring infrasound from wind turbines at seven different locations in Finland in the first half of April, 2019. According to the results from MayJune the infrasound, from wind turbines can be measured at a distance of at least 30-60 km from the wind parks. In Satakunta, Southern and Northern Ostrobotnia, there is infrasound from wind turbines about half of the measurement days or even almost daily.

On average, the infrasound (that is, regular sound pressure pulses) from wind turbines can more easily be distinguished at night than during the day in MayJune (see the legend of the spectrograms).

There is infrasound in Jyväskylä (1019), Central Finland, especially in the end of May, in the beginning and after the middle of June. Most likely it comes from the wind turbines in Luhanka, about 50 km south of Jyväskylä.
Sensor 1014 2019-05-31

Oulu in Northern Ostrobotnia is located between two wide wind power areas: between the wind parks in regions Kalajoki and Ii-Simo. Although the nearest wind turbines in Vartinoja, Siikajoki, are located about 30 km of Oulu (1014), there is infrasound from wind turbines almost daily in Oulu.

The measuring device in Utajärvi (1004) repeats the signal visible in Oulu, but as weaker.

The device (1006) in Rovaniemi, Lapland, detects infrasound from wind turbines more than 50% of the days. The nearest wind turbines are located in Tervola, over 60 km away, but there are several wind parks at a distance of 100 km, both on the cost of the Botnian Bay and in Sodankylä.

The wideband white noise in the measuring device in Luvia (1002), Satakunta, impairs the detection of the infrasound. It would be worth transforming it to a more peaceful location. However, it can be seen a typical wind turbine infrasound signal under the white noise about during half of the measurement days.
Sensor 1005 2019-05-19

In Southern Ostrobotnia the measuring device in Ilmajoki (1005) shows wind turbine infrasound almost daily. It is clearly stronger than in other measuring locations. In addition to that, a very low blade frequency infrasound with over 10-times harmonics is often visible there – it hardly never occurs in other locations, as paradigm May, 19th 2019. This device is located about 5 km from the wind turbines of Santavuori.

The measuring device located in Seinäjoki (1008, logger ID1010 till the 30th of May, 2019) about 25 km away shows infrasound from wind turbines at the same time with the device in Ilmajoki, but weaker and without the very low-frequency signal like in Ilmajoki.

SYTe continues the measurements in July-August-September in partly new locations. The measurements are made by the company Auniogroup.

The Finnish Association for Environmental Health, established in 2016, is very concerned about human and animal health in these environments. The association urges the health authorities and politicians to quickly grasp this serious matter. – sytep


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