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29.10.2018-  Concerned Residents gathered to protest against Synergy’s 34 wind turbines, planned to be built near the South Gippsland Highway. 78 homes are within 1-2km’s of the turbines. Read on:

Wind farm protest fills the Yarram Regent Theatre

25.10.2018- MP Connie Bonaros has stood up in the SA Parliament to call for a moratorium on wind farms and for the Government to take “urgent and decisive” action. 

Wind farm review calls sparks backlash

11.10.2018-Radio Interview with Sarah Laurie and Steve Martin on ABC Ballarat-

11.10.2018-Radio Podcast with NWFC Andrew Dyer and Sinead Mangan

11.10.2018-Angus Taylor’s focus is on lower energy prices and reliability-

Outlook conference: no emissions targets, Angus Taylor warns states

October 11, 2018

Michael Roddan

The Australian Newspaper

Energy Minister Angus Taylor has warned state governments against derailing an attempt to legislate more reliability into the national energy grid by demanding emissions targets at an upcoming COAG meeting. 

Mr Taylor, who has been asked by Scott Morrison to focus only on lower energy prices after emissions targets for the energy sector were dumped, this week declared he would be asking COAG ministers at an October 26 meeting to agree to a “reliability obligation” by the end of the year.

“It’s a very brave state that is going into a summit that is going to be tough, that says ‘we’re not going to support the reliability obligation’,” Mr Taylor told the conference yesterday. The energy sector has been in disarray since the government’s national energy guarantee was ditched at the time Malcolm Turnbull was deposed as prime minister following a backbench revolt over emissions targets.

Mr Taylor said that “for whatever reason” Australia was on track to meet its Paris Agreement target of cutting emissions by 26 per cent by the end of next decade, citing the growing use of rooftop solar and private battery storage.

“It’s happening very quickly,” he said. “Our challenge is to actually stabilise the system.”

He said the only reason an emissions target would be needed was if reductions greater than 26 per cent were being aimed at, such as Labor’s target to reduce emissions by 45 per cent over the same period.

“It will raise the price of electricity by a very significant margin,” he said.

The architect of the failed NEG, Energy Security Board chair Kerry Schott, said she was still working on the NEG and that she had been asked to report to COAG by the end of the month.

“The emissions … will need to be excised from the legislation,” Ms Schott said. “We’ve been consulting on draft legislation. Everything is pretty much ready to go.”

But Ms Schott said there needed to be some management of the way different types of energy were entering the system.

“We need some rules … so the industry knows what is happening with emissions so they can judge their investments,” she said. “It’s important to get investment certainty. You don’t have to be talking about specific targets … but people in the industry do need to know what the general rules are. At the moment it is being simply driven by economics and subsidies. The pricing is all over the place.”

Ms Schott said state-based reliability targets were previously set too high, resulting in an “enormous” impact on prices.

“The cost-benefit analysis of that reliability was clearly never done,” she said.

Mr Taylor said government would proceed with the Snowy 2.0 project only if it stacked up economically.

Michael Roddan Reporter

Michael Roddan is a business reporter covering banking, insurance, superannuation, financial services and regulation.


Minister has his fingers on the right switches

11.10.2018– Buyers interested in debt-funded Stockyard Hill, Vic have been; Macquarie Infrastructure Real Assets, China Ming Yang, State Grid, Pacific Hydro.

Macquarie Infrastructure in Frame to Buy

10.10.2018– ‘Global health authorities have finally recognised what residents have been saying for years; the noise they emit is more than an inconvenience, it is a risk to health’-

WHO guidelines make the future of wind farms increasingly fraught 

10.10.2018-NWFC wants uniform noise levels, says it’s tricky to monitor.

Wind Farm Chief Urges Tighter Rules for Noise Monitoring

10.10.2018-To rephrase, AGL Energy & Origin Energy concerned about the instability of the energy system due to intermittent renewables.  Wholesale electricity futures prices are increasing.  Energy Security Board Chairperson says the make-up of market verges on disruptive.

Renewable surge could unsettle grid

2.10.2018– DeFrock says well done to Donald Thomas from Evansford, he is adversely affected by the Waubra wind farm and was interviewed by the Australian.

Foreigners scoop renewable energy windfalls

26.9.2018-A proposed solar farm larger in size than Camperdown has been rejected.


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