Effects Of Noise On Animals

The effects of anthropogenic noise on animals: a meta-analysis

2nd September, 2019

By Hansjoerg P. Kunc and Rouven Schmidt

Source: https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rsbl.2019.0649

‘Our results – show that anthropogenic noise must be considered as a serious form of environmental change and pollution,
– give legislative bodies the much needed empirical evidence to develop a robust legal framework to protect species from increasing anthropogenic noise effectively’.

3 thoughts on “Effects Of Noise On Animals

  1. I thought this part may be of interest when considering the intended offshore wind farm SE of Mount Gambier:

    For example, in terrestrial ecosystems, the effects of noise might be mitigated depending on the attenuation of noise caused by vegetation, whereas pelagic zones of aquatic systems may have less capacity to attenuate noise. Furthermore, these effects are likely to be amplified because human-induced environmental changes often occur in concert rather than in isolation.

    My concern is that some species use established sources of naturally occurring infrasound to navigate. Could interference from offshore wind lead to serious issues, increased whale beaching perhaps?


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