Moyne Shire Council Ordinary Meeting-Dec 2020

Watch the Moyne Shire Council discuss a proposed wind farm that the community have been under the shadow of for 12 years.

The noise standard under which wind farms operate do not adequately resolve community concerns and issues; being based on traffic noise that differs to wind farm noise.

Broad spectrum noise testing near wind farms by independent acousticians pre and post construction is required to ensure sound data collected is unbiased and independent of the wind farm operators and regulators.

Wind farms emitting heard and unheard noise below the level of hearing, are deemed compliant by authorities and cause distress, adverse health impacts, excessive, intrusive noise and vibration etc. nuisance to neighbours that have become sound sensitised and disturbed enough they cannot live in their homes.

DeFrock acknowledges that some people may not be allowed to express being noise disturbed. It would be sensible to have independent checks and balances in place.

Acousticians and responsible authority must abide by a code of ethics that requires a duty of care to protect people, from the likely harm of wind turbines.~ DeFrock.

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