Submissions To Help Willatook

20th July 2022

Written Public Submissions to Victorian Planning on the Environment Effects Statement and planning permit applications close 12th August 2022.


Hi All Wind Farm Living, Moyne Shire

The Willatook Wind Farm planning application – To help the Moyne Shire defend our rural lands  they need to know what you think.

Do our Councillors represent the rural constituents – or do they cuddle up to the greenies.

If we don’t tell them the truth – they will be free to cross over to the dark side.

The Moyne Shire needs to know that the rural community wants to protect Willatook district from these monstrosities.

At this point in the process it’s all about The Numbers.

We need as many Moyne Shire constituents voicing their opinions!!


Send your submission via email.

Your submission can be very simple, waffly, long winded, straight to the point, badly written, or perfectly phrased, the most important thing is that YOU DO IT !! – Please, Willatook needs you – Lodge a submission to objection to the Willatook wf.

Here’s an Example

Submission to Council Willatook Wind Farm Planning Application PA2201620.

My submission is not confidential.

I reserve the right to add to this submission at a later date.

Name  ………………..

Address ……………………….

I have concerns about the endangered and protected species found in the Willatook and surrounding area.

My concerns with this proposed project relate to the Endangered Southern Brolga, as well as the Raptors, Bell Frog, growling Grass frog and Southern Bent Wing Bat. And loss of native vegetation.

I am particularly concerned with the Brolga survival.

The EES report for Brolgas is based on the wrong information. Currently a Victorian Government requirement for Brolga nesting wetlands to be buffered by 3.2km and flocking sites to be buffered by 5km  unless the consultants can prove through scientific research that a lesser amount would be adequate.

The science demonstrates that Brolgas travel many kilometres, see graph below, during their nesting season, and need a minimum 5km buffer from turbines.

It seems that the Willatook Wind Farm’s consultants are using Inka Veltheim’s walking chick data, which is absurd, because walking chicks are only a few days old.

The graph below shows the distance the GPS tracked Brolgas travelled from their nest during nesting season. This is Inka Veltheim’s data evidence.

The actions of the Wind Farm’s consultants I believe are misleading and deceptive, and it seems their reports are not based on the evidence.

The 900m distance DELWP alleges is the distance the Brolgas travel from their nest does not make sense. It does not seem to relate to Brolgas – it is obvious that DELWP have made a mistake, because every bird (including walking chicks) travelled a greater distance than 900m from the nest during breeding season.

As the responsible authority, the Moyne Shire has been responsible for permit compliance. The Moyne Shire would be aware of that 21 Brolga pairs have been displaced from the 5 wind farms listed below in the Moyne Shire, the cumulative impact of Brolga nesting in the Moyne Shire has been an environmental disaster for the Southern Brolga. This cumulative impact must be stopped and Willatook must not be allowed to proceed. The consultants have listed over 20 active nest sites within the Willatook area, these sites will be made unusable by the Brolga if the project is built, and as there is no other available habitat for the birds to go, then they will fail to nest and die out.

Moyne Shire was provided with a report that 50% of the native bird population was displaced from the wind farms at Codrington and Yambuk, in the first year by 5km, and have never returned.  It also showed some species such as Brown falcons were slaughtered to the tune of 7 and 11 dead birds per turbine in just a three month period. It shows the Brolga population there disappeared in the first year and have never returned.

The following Brolga pairs have been completely displaced (vanished) and have never returned:

Codrington/ Yambuk      2 Brolga pairs – gone never to return.

Macarthur                           7 Brolga pairs – gone never to return.

Mortons Lane                    2 Brolga pairs – gone never to return.

Salt Creek                            5 Brolga pairs – gone never to return.

Dundonnell                         7 Brolga pairs – gone never to return.

The Genetically pure Brolga species is endangered. With only 200 breeding pairs left in the state of Victoria, and many of them in the Moyne Shire, it is important that the Moyne Shire use the science when executing their responsibilities and protect the remaining Endangered Southern Brolga in the Shire.

I urge the Council to reject this wind farm and SAVE THE BROLGAS !

Thank you


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