Environmental Scientist Reconsiders Energy

15th May 2022

By Pamela Jones, Environmental Scientist

Nuclear comes out ahead for Australian energy

5th June 2022

By Chris Smith, Tonight, Sky News

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fct1XunA4_Q

Environmental scientist Dr Pamela Jones says nuclear should be a key part of Australian energy as “every measure that you look at, nuclear comes out ahead”. “It takes very little space, it’s clean, it doesn’t throw CO2 up in the air or any other pollutants,” she told Sky News host Chris Smith.

See also: https://www.rainforestreserves.org.au/

Rainforest Reserves Australia ‘promote and campaign to protect Australia’s wilderness and wildlife from industrial development’ and say no to proposed FNQ wind farms posing a threat to forests.

~ DeFrock

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