Senator Madigan’s Renewable Energy Speech- 15.9.15

Senator MADIGAN: “Tonight, I speak about corruption and fraud in the power generation industry”. -15.9.15



3 thoughts on “Senator Madigan’s Renewable Energy Speech- 15.9.15

  1. A truely great speech by Senator John Madigan .
    15-9- 2015 was also the date Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister .

    Why is this significant , for me and many other wind farm noise vibration affected people it was very significant because the Turnbull government appointed the National Wind Farm Commissioner who was appointed to resolve complaints in regards to operational wind farm complaints.

    The reason being was that the National Wind Farm Commissioner was as brutal as the Wind Farm Operator to deal with , it was said to me that the NWFC played golf with the Managing Director for ACCIONA .

    The NWFC refused to read and understand the wording in my submission to him he changed our complaint to suit the wishes of ACCIONA which referenced a fake location about one kilometre away that had no data .

    The NWFC told us at a meeting that we were to be outside of the 40 dB contour and then later changed that to there was no need for a 40 Contour after we said had not property outside of 40 dB ( after considering that SAC , we’re present , the 35dB contour line becomes 40 dB .)

    The NWFC closed. our complaint without providing evidence of compliance . This meant that our complaints was taken off ACCIONA list of unresolved complaints. In September 2021 our complaint numbers were 500 and 501 about 6 years ago ACCIONA complaint numbers was approaching 1500 so how is it possible to be now only 500. So
    it appears that closing complaints resolved those compliant against ACCIONA and other wind farm operators without resolutions for complainants , in the first annual report from the NWFC , NEFC closed about 63 complaints out of about 67 no mention of any resolution. to complainants satisfaction .

    It was said to me that the NWFC would not register any complaint against the Planning Minister or his department .

    The role of Malcolm Turnbull I believe was to get free passage for cherry tree wind farm to gain subsidies for Turnbull family .

    Mr Turnbull and Mr Simon Chapman attended the Sydney University at the same time .

    Mr Simon Chapman corrupted my senate inquiry of 2011 , he removed part of a sentence that I said that I needed to be relaxed for brain training to work .

    Mr Chapman said that I suffered a head injury from a accident , which was not written in my submission ,I said brain training was from an unrelated incident .

    The content of my submission was changed to undermine the Content in the The Dean Report and discredit. the content of my submission.

    The important thing was why was this done in an overseas publication , I complained about this incident in which Mr Chapman responding by that it was typing mistake , accident instead of incident but still did not replace the removed words .

    In the disclaimer it was said that Mr Chapman was remunerated by Infigen Lawyers acting for the Cherry Tree Wind Farm the Proponent .

    Be remunerated by lawyers is hardly independent , it would be the financier behind the application that needs to be questioned , it is well known that Malcolm Turnbull,s son had invested large sums of money into Infigen even though it was a big financial risk , not doubt Mr Turnbull and his son would consulted with each other about the financial situation the Turnbull family had put at risk , this risk would have been extremely high if the Wind Farm did not get a permit .

    The Wind Farm got the permit , it was said to be sold for about $6 million , hardly enough to satisfy the risk of being engaged in an act with intention of perverting the course of justice which could mean jail time .

    Further investigation revealed that Infigen sold the Wind Farm and then was engaged to build and operate the Wind Farm , there the money from the Clean Energy Subsidies would end up in the pockets of the Turnbull family for the Total cost of the Wind farm well before the first 25 year period .

    If subsidies provided to the Waubra Wind Farm estimated at $30 million a year which equates to $450 million over a fifteen year period with revenue from electrify production of $35 million per year that contributes to the $80 million yearly budget for the Wind Farm budget , it is not known where the other $15 million comes from looks like a pretty good deal that The Turnbull Family has carved out for themselves to me .

    Noel Dean


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