Help The Town Of Hawkesdale

Help us fight a Wind Farm in the Supreme Court !!

John Bos is organizing this fundraiser.

We need a hand to SAVE OUR TOWN from the horrors of a Wind Farm being built next-door.

We are the People of the Small Town of Hawkesdale, and we are taking the Victorian
Planning Minister and Global Power Generation to the Supreme Court of Victoria to STOP THEIR WIND FARM being built next to our town !

Hawkesdale is a typical small Aussie town in rural Victoria, footy and netball on a
Saturday, a pool for the summer hols, a shop, a country pub and wonderful school that
welcomes kids of all abilities with open arms.

But now, the State Government has issued a permit to allow Global Power Generation to-build a 23 x 180m high wind farm, just 1km from our town.

With this monster wind farm as our neighbour, people will leave, the school will lose numbers, the soul of our community will be destroyed, it will be the death of our town.

We have sought legal advice on the validity of the permit, and we believe we have a strong case … actually, we believe we have a very strong case to STOP THIS WIND FARM !

This is a David and Goliath battle, but we are determined to win the fight !!

We are reaching out to the world to help us fight this battle.
We need a hand with the money to fight them in court.

All funds will be used to pay for professional fees of solicitors, barristers and legal
Monies will be deposited and withdrawn directly from the People of the Small Town of
Hawkesdale Incorporated’s bank account.
In the event funds are left over, money will be used to protect communities from
inappropriate wind farms.

We ask if you could please chip in to help us STOP THIS HORROR Wind Farm !

Link to Donate:


Moyne Shire Council Calls To Set Back Hawkesdale Wind Farm Five Kilometres From Town

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