Email To & From Energy & Emissions Reduction Minister re: SA EPA Response


Dear Sirs

Please find attached the response from the SA EPA to submissions from
members of the public and the Wind Turbine industry.

As you will see it appears the EPA has spent a longtime doing nothing
except reading reports/research etc, they have not undertaken any
physical research themselves.

Nor have they provided a Bibliography of what they have read, so we
cannot know if what they have read is the latest research undertaken or
things from years ago which are outdated and in some cases could be
completely irrelevant.

One organisation they at least mentioned IS the World Health
Organisation (WHO) This however, relates to information referring to
research conducted in European.  WHO have not undertaken any research
in Australia yet the results of European studies is constantly used in
reference to conditions in Australia!

The EPA has set aside the turbine companies from having to take into
account the TOTAL noise emitted by their individual projects, leaving it to
only have to check/test outside of homes closest to a turbine. 
But they have have not taken up the suggestion that increasing heights of
turbines is not the only thing t0 be considered relating to how close these
things can be to human dwellings and workplaces. 
What about the vast increase in capacity, since they commenced their
review proposed turbines have increased in capacity from around 5MW to
over 7MW.  Their decisions are also skewed by the fact they are not
making any changes to regulations even though since they wrote their
Regulations turbines have gone from 2-3MW to now proposed 7MW each.

Even a numskull such as myself can understand that a Mini does not
produce as much noise or vibration as a Road-train does.  

The EPA is an arm of the EPBC which is governed under the Federal
Government, while I understand the EPA are apparently governed by the
State Governments (though I have been told by a State Minister they
come under the EPBC), surely it’s time for them to become answerable to
the Federal Government and for the Federal Government to enforce a
National standards for these projects.

Pubic Health is not only a State Issue it is also a National issue as it’s the
Federal Government who pays for the harm these turbines are doing not
the State Governments as more people visit doctors and specialists trying
in vane to find help from to alleviate their medical conditions.

Please do not just throw this into the bin PLEASE READ IT AND THE
RESPONSE FROM THE SA EPA and ask yourselves could you live with
these things in your backyard, having to cope with the harmful health
outcomes or leave your homes, knowing you have a lifelong health issue
as once you are sensitized to the harmful noise/vibration etc you are
affected for life. 

While the EPBC looks after the environmental aspects relating to non-
human matters, leaving these important HUMAN matters to the States
has proven a resounding failure.

Dear xxxx

Thank you for your correspondence of 14 December 2020 to the Hon Angus Taylor MP,
Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction, regarding the South Australian Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) response to submissions received for the Wind farms environmental noise guidelines. The Minister has asked me to respond on his behalf.

The Australian Government considers community concerns about wind farms to be an important issue. While views differ throughout communities, some have expressed a deep sense of anxiety and they have a right to be taken seriously.

In line with the Government’s commitment to respond to community concerns about wind farms, the National Wind Farm Commissioner was appointed in 2015. The Commissioner’s role is to facilitate resolution of complaints from concerned community residents and to provide greater transparency on the operations of wind farms.

Further information on the Commissioner, including the Terms of Reference, can be found at You can directly contact the Commissioner by emailing or calling 1800 656 395 to lodge your concerns formally.

As your concern relates to the development of the wind farms environmental noise guidelines, you could also contact South Australian EPA directly. Contact details can be found at

Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention.

Yours sincerely

Clean Technology Branch
8 January 2021


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