$1.5m for Spinifex Offshore Wind

Vic offshore wind farm project gets $1.5m

5th October, 2022

Source: https://au.news.yahoo.com/vic-offshore-wind-farm-project-163132487.html

An offshore wind farm project off the coast of Portland in Victoria will get $1.5 million in funding to explore whether it could be commercially viable.

Spinifex Offshore Wind Farm Pty Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Alinta Energy, will examine whether the project would be commercially viable and begin community consultation and environmental studies.

The funding from the federal government’s Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) will be used to assess how much energy a farm could produce and accelerate early stage development activities.

It would be connected to the National Electricity Market through the Portland Aluminium Smelter, which uses about ten per cent of Victoria’s electricity every year.

ARENA CEO Darren Miller said findings from the Portland farm could have an impact on similar projects around the country.

He said there was a great need to reduce emissions from aluminium production, which is one of Australia’s most energy-intensive industries.

“We have a real need to help reduce emissions from smelters, which require a steady and sizeable supply of electricity to operate,” Mr Miller said in a statement.

“Offshore wind could be a potential part of the solution space to this problem.

“The early stage wind resource assessment of the Spinifex project will provide the industry with valuable insights regarding commercial, technical and regulatory aspects of offshore wind developments in Australia.”

Twenty offshore wind projects are in early development around the country.

Map of the proposed offshore wind farm location. Image: Spinifex

Also: https://defrock.org/portland-victorias-whales/

One thought on “$1.5m for Spinifex Offshore Wind

  1. For a mere couple of dollars I’ll vouch that this scheme will not be commercially viable and will need to have ongoing Subsidies and Legal Assistance to remain in operation.
    The basis for this opinion rests in the Thermodynamic Laws and I suggest that these Laws be well and honestly visited before giving any approval.


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