Petition To Stop Killing Off Our Brolgas

Viva-Lyn Lenehan has started a petition to the Victorian Department Of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, requesting ‘Don’t Let DEWLP Kill-Off our Brolgas’.!

Here’s the link to support the petition;

Stop the New Legislation to Kill-Off our Brolgas

November, 2020

By Viva-Lyn Lenehan, source

Don’t Let DELWP Kill-Off our Brolgas.!

Brolgas are “Vulnerable to Extinction”  –  and  the New Victorian Government Legislation will cause their annihilation.

The Western Districts of Victoria, Australia,  will soon to be inundated with Wind Farms.

However, Brolgas are a pest to the Wind Farm Companies, because they hamper wind farm developments into the wetlands and marshes of Western Victoria.

So, it seems that they have colluded with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), to kill-off the Brolgas with a New Standard that allows them to develop unimpeded. 

The Government’s new “Brolga Assessment and Mitigation Standard” will wipe out the Brolgas of Western Victoria. !!

DELWP had all the research data on file before they designed this “New Standard”.  But they have twisted the findings in favour of the Wind Farm Companies’ business ambitions.

It smells of corruption !….  Please help us SAVE the BROLGAS !

We are calling on all birdlife enthusiasts and just ordinary folk to raise an objection.

Please submit the following 5 crucial changes to the “New Standard” – So that the Law will serve to PROTECT NOT DESTROY the Brolgas of Western Victoria.

Please lodge a personal letter/submission via the Government survey link (see below).

Best to avoid the questionnaire component, it is misleading.

In your letter, please state these important points to:

  1. For Brolgas to breed successfully, a minimum set back distance of 5km is required from the Brolga’s nesting wetlands to the Wind Turbine installations.
  2. The 900m buffer limit outlined in the “New Standard”, is actually for small walking chicks. No adults have ever nested this close to wind turbines – so no chicks will be born, and the Western District Brolgas will become extinct.
  3. Saline wetlands need to be included as breeding home ranges of Brolgas. Contrary to the New Standard, Brolgas do nest on saline wetlands (see photo), therefore a 5km buffer set back must also apply.
  4. To remove the requirement for “mitigation” is wrong. Mitigation must be written into the new standard for deaths from turbines, death from power lines or other wind farm infrastructure, failure to breed within 5km of turbines and displacement from the nesting wetlands by turbine noise or wind farm related activity.
  5. When assessing Brolga numbers, all records must be used. Including anecdotal evidence from local landowners, contractors, and birdlife enthusiasts. DELWP want to wait for the official Victorian Biodiversity Atlas Inspectors to look – lodge and process the count. This takes many months – and in the meantime, new birds that move into the area to breed will not be counted in the tally.

Click on the link below to submit your letter to “Save the Brolgas”.

Or email your letter to:

Do this for the Brolgas of the Western Districts of Victoria.

Please Don’t let the Brolgas become Extinct on Your Watch..!!

Also a petition to fund the Save the Brolga campaign here;

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