Wind Farm Noise Guidelines Up For Review.

July 23, 2019


A new draft of the state’s wind farm environmental noise guidelines are open for public consultation to help better address potential noise impacts from multi-stage wind farm developments on people living in close proximity.

In mid-2018, the Environment Protection Authority carried out a technical review of the Wind farms environmental noise guidelines, to ensure that the guidelines were still appropriate.

The review confirmed that the SA noise criteria was still among the most protective in the world but some revisions to the guidelines have been made based on the review.
These include a new section on infrasound and low-frequency sound, more stringent requirements for background noise data, and stronger tonality provisions.

The new draft guidelines have been released for consultation with the public and direct communication will be made to those who have already engaged with the EPA on the matter, including parties who made noise-related submissions at the Crystal Brook Energy Park State Commission Assessment Panel hearing.

The EPA is seeking feedback from the community, local government, other development authorities, state agencies, acoustic engineers, wind farm development proponents and other stakeholders on noise from wind farms in the updated guidelines.

The information gathered via the consultation will be combined with findings from two studies funded by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council in preparation for a major update of the guidelines.

The update will also include consultation with other Australian jurisdictions, with a view to standardising guidelines across the country.

For a copy of the draft guidelines visit and submissions close September 2.

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