Residents Fighting Mumblin WF Proposal

Concerned residents vow to fight proposed new Mumblin Wind Farm 3rd December, 2021 By Kyra Gillespie, The Standard Source; A group of concerned residents have vowed to fight a proposed new wind farm in the south-west. Forming the Ecklin-Elingamite-Glenfyne Community Association, around 30 residents have raised concerns about the Mumblin Wind Farm. The proposed … Continue reading Residents Fighting Mumblin WF Proposal

Golden Plains WF Approved

“This is a massive piece of infrastructure being built in Victoria and the public hasn’t seen the final plans.” “What we do know is there will be 215 turbines squeezed into a space where the minister previously told them to accommodate 181.” ~Dominica Tannock

Toxic ‘Dead Zone’ Risk

Global green energy hub in WA knocked back over toxic ‘dead zone’ risk 21st June, 2021 By Emma Young, The Sydney Morning Herald Source: Renewable energy advocates have criticised the federal government’s rejection of one of the world’s most ambitious green energy projects in north-west Western Australia, despite potentially catastrophic impacts for a globally … Continue reading Toxic ‘Dead Zone’ Risk

An Intrusion

An ‘intrusion’ and ‘benefit’: Discovery Bay offshore renewable plan in crosswinds. 17th June, 2021 By Jackson Graham, The Standard Source: 'Stunningly beautiful': Discovery Bay is sparsely populated and the proposed location for a new offshore wind farm, which would be the first of it's kind in the region. AN OFFSHORE wind farm proposed for … Continue reading An Intrusion

Offshore Wind Farm Proposed For Discovery Bay

Offshore wind farm proposed for Discovery Bay, documents show. 14th June,2021  By Jackson Graham, The Standard NEW PROPOSAL: The regions first offshore wind farm is planned for Discovery Bay. The south-west’s Discovery Bay could host one of Australia’s first offshore wind farms, a new proposal shows.Australis Energy has lodged early plans to build up to … Continue reading Offshore Wind Farm Proposed For Discovery Bay

Wind Farm Builder Donates To Victorian Labor Party

Wind farm builder donates to Victorian Labor Party as $2b project awaits green light 20th April, 2021 By Michael Fowler, The Age Two companies awaiting state approval to build Australia’s biggest wind farm donated money to the Victorian Labor Party last month, following years of court battles and lobbying the state to sign off on … Continue reading Wind Farm Builder Donates To Victorian Labor Party

Brave Young Farmer Puts Up A Fight Against Power Company Threatening Her Crops

6th April, 2021 By Maggie Raworth, Source: With the community behind her, a 17-year-old fifth generation Victorian farmer is taking on one of the state's biggest energy providers and she's not being shy about her message for them. Joee Aganetti-Fraser is protesting a proposal that she says will destroy many livelihoods, and "piss off AusNet" is … Continue reading Brave Young Farmer Puts Up A Fight Against Power Company Threatening Her Crops