$1.5m for Spinifex Offshore Wind

Vic offshore wind farm project gets $1.5m 5th October, 2022 Source: https://au.news.yahoo.com/vic-offshore-wind-farm-project-163132487.html An offshore wind farm project off the coast of Portland in Victoria will get $1.5 million in funding to explore whether it could be commercially viable. Spinifex Offshore Wind Farm Pty Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Alinta Energy, will examine whether the … Continue reading $1.5m for Spinifex Offshore Wind

South Gippsland Offshore Wind Turbines

South Gippsland residents fear offshore wind turbines will ruin coastline’s beauty 24th September, 2022 By Journal Break https://journalbreak.com/south-gippsland-residents-fear-offshore-wind-turbines-will-ruin-coastlines-beauty/ Gippslanders are concerned that the wind turbines will become a “parody” of the Bass Coast landscape. Key points: Locals are concerned that wind turbines are ruining the beauty of the coast. The South Gippsland County Council has … Continue reading South Gippsland Offshore Wind Turbines

Proposed ‘Spinifex’ Offshore Windfarm For Portland

Planned $4bn offshore windfarm could fully power Alcoa Portland aluminium smelter 8th December, 2021 By Royce Kurmelovs, The Guardian Source; https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/dec/08/excellent-wind-source-offshore-plan-to-power-alcoas-portland-aluminium-smelter-on-renewables The smelter, Victoria’s biggest electricity consumer, could slash emissions if Alinta’s proposed offshore windfarm goes ahead The Alcoa smelter in Portland. Alinta Energy wants to build a 1,000MW offshore windfarm that would power the … Continue reading Proposed ‘Spinifex’ Offshore Windfarm For Portland