SA Today Tonight Report on Wind Farms-2012

20th July, 2021

Via Wind Farm Living

Some of you watched this Today Tonight report back in 2012 – It is now time to WATCH IT AGAIN..!!

No longer can a person in office “chicken out” of their Professional and Public Duty of Care.

Wind Farm Company Directors, Acousticians, Politicians, Consultants, Councillors and now Hosts Landowners have a duty of care to the people affected by the business of wind farms.

More people know that the “uneducated population”, those who don’t live near wind farms, are wrong when they say, “it’s all in the mind”.

The millions of dollars handed over in out-of-court settlements, proves they’re wrong 

The late Senator Madigan hit the nail on the head when he said …“these people are not bullshitting”.

As yet, there has been no wind farm built in the World that does not generate the same conversations in their respective communities.

Wind Farm Living,

Moyne Shire, Victoria, Australia

Today Tonight followed up its 2012 ‘Report into Wind Farms’, with Senator Nick Xenophon discussing peoples rights and government changing the rules about planning objections etc.


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