Enemy Of The Brolgas

1st June, 2022


Hi all Wind Farm Living, – it’s been a sad week for the Brolgas.

It is the role of Government and politicians to protect people and the environment against harm.

This new Planning Law to remove the requirement of the Golden Plains Wind Farm to obtain a Planning Permit will see the annihilation of the genetically pure Brolga Species.


  • civilised Government would work to ensure its people and the environment are not harmed by Government policies.
  • A Government that implements policies to forgo the health and livelihood of some, or the destruction of the environment, for the betterment of others is uncivilised.
  • An uncivilised Government that deliberately and systematically implements strategies and laws to legitimise its harmful policies, is oppressive.
  • When a Government rules that its oppressive policies constitute the framework of the economy, it becomes an oppressive regime.
  • An oppressive regime is cruel, destructive, and corrupt.
  • History shows that oppressive regimes are eventually overthrown.
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Wind Farm Living

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Link to Victorian Government Gazette: http://www.gazette.vic.gov.au/gazette/Gazettes2022/GG2022S250.pdf#page=1

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