MP’s Speeches Objecting Changes To Public Health And Wellbeing Act.

Proposed changes by the Victorian State Government mean wind farm noise and complaints will no longer be able to be dealt with by local Shire Councils under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act.

If this is approved rural communities with genuine concerns about wind energy or being are affected by wind farm nuisance will lose their voice at a local level.

Bald Hills residents wind farm complaints made under the PH&W Act were recently recognised by the Victorian Supreme Court. See

Watch Roma Britnel and Richard Riordan strongly object to the proposal on facebook;

3 thoughts on “MP’s Speeches Objecting Changes To Public Health And Wellbeing Act.

  1. Very well spoken by Roma and Richard ,being a wind farm refuges my family suffered mentally physical and serious financial harm based on false information in recent times the public health and welling act has gained some traction at great cost mentally psychically and financially over a long period of time for many people involved at bald hills wind farm .
    Bald hills wind farm has very similar permit conditions to Waubra and Cape Bridgewater wind farms .
    Firstly the Public Health and well-being Act is the responsibility of Council to administer , if a compliant is made to the Council or the EPA the EPA may investigate the complaint , our complaint was that we did not believe that the wind farm was operating within the noise limits of the standard used for the wind farm ,the nuisance was that our complaint was not investigated as required by the issued permit .

    Our complaint was declared at being a nuisance but the evidence required for this declaration of nuisance to be made , we took our complaint to the magistrate’s court as specified in the PHWA claiming the Council did not investigate our complaint because no evidence was made available that allowed Council to make the declaration of a nuisance to exist.council had the only independent report that was said to have declared the wind farm had not complied with it ‘s permit conditions in relation to noise complaint investigation reports because complaint investigations were not complete and that further testing was required .

    The EPA was involved in our case as I made a complaint of low frequency noise which is the pulsing of high frequency noise more often than is going in and out of hearing range that can cause death, stroke and other symptoms also called special audible characteristics which carries a 5dBA penalty in that the 40dBA becomes 35 dBA limit ,The Dean Report declared that SAC’s exists at the wind farm , the wind test report for the turbines used reported that the total of background (LAeq) IEC standard and the Wind Turbine sound emissions was 54 dBA which is 19 dBA over and above the legal limit .
    Given that at the Mt Pollock wind farm expert witness case that the attenuation of sound is estimated at being 3 dBA per kilometre giving a total of 6 dBA at 2 kilometre as the measurement for testing was at a location of 170 mts away from the turbine when tested the expected sound pressure level would 13 dBA above the legal limit adding to that when I done my own investigation the sound ,found that upto 1 kilometre from turbines and found that the sound increased over that closest to the turbines ,I was advised by a Acciona engineer that the sound takes 2 kilometres to come down to ground from elevated turbines.

    I found what I have experienced is that the EPA are either incompetent untrained people and :or are being bribed by the wind industry given that some people have a conflict of interest ,this tells me deals have been done to reference the LA95 instead of LAeq when the EPA audited the LAL LAL wind farm after
    Doubts were made over predicted sound levels in the resultant report it was claimed that a few predictions was unstated by about only 1 or 2 dDB when in reality the end noise pollution will in fact be more likely closer to 20 dBA than the estimated 2dBA using the proper LAeq descriptor instead of the LA90-95 descriptor you can see why the EPA is being favoured by Tim Green and his mates .
    I Do Not Trust the Victorian EPA.

    Measure the sound properly for health sake unmeasured sound can kill just ask Mr Paul Jarman I sent a DVD regarding the use of low frequency noise in America that killed people in 2014.

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      Incompetency’s and issues of wind farm compliancy at Waubra and other wind farms were revealed in Parliament by John Madigan. He walked on generational family farms, met the people and in doing so gave great support to many families suffering from wind turbine noise and wind farm abuses.


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