Flinders University Wind Farm Noise Study

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Wind Farm Noise Study

The expansion of wind farm facilities in Australia has been associated with widespread community complaints regarding noise, sleep disturbance and adverse health effects. The Wind Farm Noise Study sets out to determine whether or not sleep disturbances may arise from wind farm noise. The noise used in our studies include sounds with frequencies that can be heard and not heard.

Led by Flinders University, this research involves a range of experts from a number of Australian institutions and has undergone a rigorous ethics approval process. It is funded by a grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) (Number APP1113571).

For the first time, researchers will use direct sleep recordings of brain waves (electroencephalographic, EEG) and cardiovascular measurements in a laboratory setting to assess the impact of different noises. The measures will evaluate any possible sleep disruption and/or physiological activation in response to wind farm noise compared to other noise disturbances (particularly traffic) during sleep.

This study has three parts that you could potentially be involved with:

  • survey of people exposed to windfarm or traffic noise;
  • in-home study of sleep and noise in people affected by noise; and
  • laboratory study at the Flinders University Sleep Laboratory to investigate noise effects on sleep in a controlled sleep and noise environment.

Community Liaison Group will also be established to develop an avenue for community involvement during the three phases of the project.

Universal Trial Number (UTN): U1111-1191-1014

3 thoughts on “Flinders University Wind Farm Noise Study

  1. I live in rural Texas surround on three sides by wind turbines. I have not experienced a night without sleep disturbances in my home since they started producing electricity almost 4 years ago. I also have experienced other terrible side effects from the turbines. I’m very interested in following your study.


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