Petition-Budweiser 2019 Commercial

DeFrock cares about people being negatively impacted by wind turbines found in the back yard, out in the media or in commercials.  A petition about a Super Bowl advertisement has been sent around the world and the comments made are worth reading. Take a look at the advert below which has triggered an outcry, it will be viewed world wide by about 160 million people watching the Super Bowl;

Here is a link to Budweiser’s Super Bowl 2019 Commercial on YouTube.

Horses near a wind farm in Portugal have developed abnormal bone growths and if you find this advert abhorrent for so many reasons and want it stopped, consider making the effort to sign the petition below, or contact the company direct and tell them why.

Here is a link to petition “This DUDS for YOU”.

or phone; 1-800-342-5283

or email;


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