‘Zealots’ Claim Renewable Energy, Solar & Wind’ Got SA Through January.

19th February 2020

Source: Sky News.

Sky News host Chris Kenny says “the renewables zealots have been out there spinning a line that it was renewable energy, solar and wind, that got South Australia through this testing [weather] period”.

Mr Kenny said what “saved” South Australia “from blackouts this month” was “a big crank up of gas fired generation, and low demand thanks to cool weather”. “South Australia is the nation’s leader, a global leader, in the switch to renewable energy,” he said. “We know [South Australia’s] clean energy policies saw it plunge into darkness four years ago… and the whole state was blacked out.

“For the past fortnight or so, South Australia has been effectively on its own, unable to rely on back-up, coal-fired electricity from Victoria.”

For further information on what STT calls ‘A brewing disaster’ see:

Terminal Diagnosis: Wind & Solar Chaos Places Australia’s Power Grid On Life Support

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