More Than $10B Spent On Renewables

More than $10B spent on renewables a ‘huge albatross around the neck’ of Australia

23rd August, 2020, Dr Alan Moran on Sky News


On average, Australia is spending $13 billion trying to get rid of coal and trying to interject renewable energy in the electricity market, according to economist Alan Moran. The Australian Energy Market Commission puts the cost of environmental policies on the consumer at around $90 per year, or 6.5 per cent of the household electricity bill. However, Dr Moran said this estimate only covers around one sixth of the potential cost.

From Advance Australia;

Moran says each Aussie household is paying $1,300 each year for the renewables fantasy.

This is over six times more than the $200 a recent ABC poll showed Aussies were willing to spend on the venture each year.


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