Moyne Shire Councillors Reject Bid For Wind Turbine At Illowa

6th April, 2021

By Monique Patterson, The Standard


Moyne Shire councillors have knocked back an application for a domestic wind turbine at Illowa. The applicant wanted to build the 14-metre structure at 81 Douglas Lane.

Council officers recommended approving the application but Cr Jim Doukas put forward an alternative motion to reject it. The motion was passed, with only Cr Jordan Lockett speaking in favour of the proposal.

Two Illowa residents voiced their concerns about the proposal at the council’s April meeting on Tuesday.

Amy Atwell said “an entire community” was against the construction of the turbine. She said the council officers had recommended allowing the planning permit based on the fact the site was in an area zoned farming. However, the land is set to be rezoned to rural living as part of the council’s Rural Housing Strategy.

“We’re so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world,” Ms Atwell said.

“What I don’t want to look at as I sit at my dinner table is a wind turbine.”

Shannon Martin, who also lives in Illowa, said she and Ms Atwell were speaking on behalf of all the objectors. She said there were concerns amongst objectors about noise, shadow flicker and the visual impact.

Cr Jim Doukas said he could not support the installation of the turbine.

“I just can’t support this motion of having a 14-metre turbine – which is well above the average windmill – which spins day and night,” he said.

Crs James Purcell and Karen Foster said they believed the turbine would have an affect on the amenity of neighbouring properties.

“I feel that this is a significant project that will have enormous ramifications,” she said.

Cr Lockett said it had not been an easy decision to make to support the proposal. He said he could empathise with the objectors but the proposal met the required planning guidelines.

“I don’t think it’s a significant change to the landscape,” he said.

Cr Lockett said if there were noise issues once the turbine was constructed, they could be raised by neighbours.

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