Please Listen

My Truth About the Current and More than Likely Whole Life Impacts of Wind Turbine Noise.
Living in My House Has Become Absolute Torture, so I and my Family Fled.

The wind farm is too close and our property is virtually and morally unsaleable.
We now have an unexpected, unwanted, second mortgage on a House in a Regional City.
Our Lives have been detrimentally altered by the intrusive noise.


There is a constant high pitch squeal which has destroyed the quality of my life.
Using ear plugs, white noise, deep breathing, cognitive behavioural therapy is useless at stopping it.
I cannot sleep, think properly or relax when industrial sounds and the pulsing low frequencies are constant.

When they rarely cease, I cope with exhaustion, both physical and mental.

This disturbance and nuisance occur over various distances at various wind farms and is also showing the permanent damage, as I am now shattered by noise in cities, from trains, traffic and helicopters. I don’t have to see them or hear them to sense them and suffer.

I look for ways to stop this torture happening to others. I seek Justice and Fair Compensation.

When the sounds ramp up, and continue for days or weeks, headaches and ear pain worsen. The protective startle reflex responds.

Sleep is repeatedly disturbed and I am often unable to fall asleep and stay asleep. Our ears never sleep and indescribable turbine sounds, inaudible sounds and pulsations cause involuntary responses and being jolted awake in a panic in the dead of night. This is the startle reflex which is not something you have control over and you want to flee the house to escape the torture.

There is no respite.

Some days are ‘quieter’ than others.

Sounds and vibrations are less or more intrusive, depending on weather, operational inputs and outputs, the seasons and what I am unwillingly exposed to.

It is painful and I am now sensitised to many everyday sounds, i.e. the clinking of coins in a pocket, the rustling of leaves or paperwork, the washing machine jingle when the cycle is over. The ebb and whine of freeway traffic.

Maddening, excruciating sounds. Exhausting.

Seek advice.

Don’t believe the lies of the wind industry, nor of their acolytes, paid acoustic or environmental consultants, some politicians and the many, somehow suborned, gullible bureaucrats, who somehow still assert there are no health impacts from wind turbines.

Do not think you will be safe at a distance from turbines. Hills may not protect you. Double glazed windows, thick curtains or trees don’t block low frequency noise or the pulsing at an infrasonic rate.

This self-monitoring wind industry, and its supporters unjustly proclaim there are no health impacts. Unjustly offer payments or free solar to those living within 1 km, as a ridiculous compensation for the noise both heard and unheard, which they know will impact you.

The National Wind Farm Commissioner (NWFC) and the Department of Health advises those of us being driven from our homes to see a GP, while dismally failing to protect those of us whose lives are irrevocably disrupted by wind turbines.
The NWFC disregards our woes, dismisses the scientific evidence of wind turbine sound and health impacts and is ignoring the World Health Organisation which recognises wind turbines have impacts on public health.

The Commissioner demands personal medical documentation as proof of wind turbine health impacts. Medical records are highly confidential, we have a right to refuse his demands. We have the right to ask for proof that we won’t be harmed by wind turbines.  We have the right to ask for the harm to stop.

So Listen, keep records, make complaints, speak up and act, until eventually Justice and the Courts will decide.


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4 thoughts on “Please Listen

  1. Wind Farms are being proposed in many communities across Australia causing serious concerns regarding the proximity to residents, height and likely adverse economic and social impacts.

    DeFrock suggests reading Become informed by accessing other sites such as and This document may be of interest;


  2. It is heartbreaking to hear how industrial wind parks are destroying country people’s lives. My home is under threat by a proposed wind park that will affect people across three shires, South Gippsland, Baw Baw Shire, and Latrobe Valley. They propose to put 35 turbines that are 250mt tall in a high fire risk pine plantation. This is a pilot project and if it goes ahead any pine plantation owned by HVP could be where they put in another one. Over 1000 homes in the 3km zone are at risk from suffering the same effects mentioned in “Please Listen”. Is there someway DeFrock can help us? please get in contact with me to discuss any help you could offer. Thankyou


  3. How sad that people’s lives are being so adversely affected for the benefit of a few. I understand that parts of Oklahoma, and other plains states are populated with turbines. I hate seeing them on the RTE 9 “Airline” road near me. I can’t imagine looking at the damn things all the time.


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