Workers Cottage Objection

Application to block owners development on their farm land within 1km of a proposed wind farm site boundary

25th October, 2022


The first challenge to the 1km no-go zone to a boundary of wind farm site (not to a turbine – to the boundary of the wind farm site) is happening tonight at the Corangamite Shire Council Meeting.

It will be lived streamed – I assume you can access via Facebook. – Tune in

Meeting starts at 7pmLog into-

A planning application for a workers cottage has been known to the Corangamite Shire for some years.

The Corangamite Shire will decide tonight if they represent their constituents or the speculative business venture of a private company – ReFuture.

RE Future told the Mumblin community meeting at the Ecklin Hall (The Tractor meeting) they would not object to planning applications within 1km of the wind farm boundary.

They have now objected to the workers cottage application.

Did they lie?  Did they mislead?  or was their conduct deceptive?

ReFuture also disclosed to the community they intend to sell the business off once a planning permit is secured.

The Corangamite Planning Dept have recommended the application to build the cottage be squashed in favour of this speculative private developer.  

This should be an easy vote for the Corangamite Councillors – that is if they have any integrity and conscience.

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Corangamite Shire Council Meeting 25th October 2022-Workers Cottage Application

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