Victorian Wind Alliance- 2012

Wind power alliance launches in Portland

24th October, 2012

By Portland Observer

The fledgling Victorian Wind Alliance hopes to make significant inroads into the lower south-west when it holds an official launch in Portland tomorrow morning.

The event will be held at Keppel Prince Engineering and will feature a brief speech by Keppel Prince Engineering general manager and alliance director Steve Garner.

The alliance has been formed in response to a call from communities across the state who support more wind energy.

It believes the views of “a very noisy minority and organised vested interests have influenced some Australian state governments to roll out the world’s most restrictive regulatory controls”.

“In terms of greenhouse emissions intensity, Victoria is the dirtiest state in one of the dirtiest countries,” it said in a written statement.

It is expected the group will help communities come together in town meetings and via mainstream and social media to discuss how Victoria can catch up with the wind sectors rapid progress around the world.

The group’s promotional material said it would not duplicate the work that was already being done by others.

It plans to build better collaboration between local communities, wind farmers, energy action groups leading environmental non government organisations, unions and small businesses.

It is expected details will be released tomorrow as to how people can either support or join the alliance.

The Victorian wind alliance, the Australian wind alliance is re-named, RE-alliance. It supports the 2019 NHMRC Statement: Evidence on Wind Farms and Human Health, calling for further research into health effects and causes within 1,500m from a wind farm.

~ DeFrock

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