Recent Lessons-Paul Miskelly

1st August 2022

By Paul Miskelly, via WFL


I have been meaning to send you some numbers that I recently put together. I think they might be helpful to your rural folk.

The context:

People need to understand that the argument, often advanced: “I’m not against renewables, so long as they’re built in the right place, and the right place is not here”,

is NOT an argument that will convince anyone.

The reality is that NO place is the “right” place for these totally useless monstrosities. It is fairly easy to show why they are useless. That is the reality that people must state, clearly, forcefully, unflinchingly. And, stated this way, this rejection also disposes the argument that one is merely a NIMBY.

Now to the numbers: I posted them recently at Jo Nova’s site in response to one of her articles.

Tonight, STT has picked them up, along with a response there at Jo’s from the wonderful “TonyfromOz” that really puts the whole renewables fiasco into context.

The link is:

The other point to make is that my figures of 39000 wind turbines – approx., and 8000 Geelong Big Batteries, required to achieve 100 percent renewables are figures that are not merely plucked out of the air. They are a reasonable ballpark estimate. Indeed, the 8000 figure for the batteries is if anything, too low.

Also, to obtain the numbers for Albo’s 43 percent target just multiply mine by 0.43. Clearly, the resulting numbers are still huge.

I hope that this information might be of some use to those fighting to preserve their lives, sanity, their livelihoods and of course, a peaceful, beautiful, Victorian coastline and its rural regions.

Best regards,

Paul Miskelly

P.S. Anonymity not required. As they are referenced here, I am forwarding this email to both Jo and TonyfromOz.

One thought on “Recent Lessons-Paul Miskelly

  1. This is a piece that was rejected by the national daily newspaper. It sums up the impossibility of the net zero quest, especially in Australia.

    It pays tribute to the veteran wind-watchers Anton Lang (Tony from Oz) and Paul who demonstrated the severity of continent-wide wind droughts more than a decade ago.

    I am determined to ensure that their efforts are never forgotten because their work could have averted the disasters that became inevitable when intermittent energy sources were accepted to the grid, supported by subsidies and mandates to use expensive and unreliable energy.

    The work from the Energy Realists of Australia has been similarly ignored since we started sending briefing notes to 800+ politicians across the country starting early in 2020.


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