Green MP Calls Wind Farm Noise Complaints ‘Malicious’

25th November, 2020 By Dr Tim Read; An Extract sourced from Public Health And Wellbeing Amendment Bill 2020 "Wind turbine syndrome is an example of something that spread rapidly, and it was fanned and encouraged by those who opposed swift and decisive action on climate change" Dr READ (Brunswick): It is a pleasure to … Continue reading Green MP Calls Wind Farm Noise Complaints ‘Malicious’

MP’s Speeches Objecting Changes To Public Health And Wellbeing Act.

Proposed changes by the Victorian State Government mean wind farm noise and complaints will no longer be able to be dealt with by local Shire Councils under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act. If this is approved rural communities with genuine concerns about wind energy or being are affected by wind farm nuisance will lose … Continue reading MP’s Speeches Objecting Changes To Public Health And Wellbeing Act.

Research Project-Wind Farm Noise Study.

'The expansion of wind farm facilities in Australia has led to widespread community complaints regarding noise, sleep disturbance and adverse health effects.

This five-year collaborative study is looking into how the noise from wind turbines affects people's health. It also tests how much windfarm noise disturbs sleep compared to traffic noise'.

Wind Farm Bird Kills ‘Should Be Revealed’

Highly paid environmental consultants used during wind farm planning assessments, can hardly be independent, when their aim is getting proposed wind farms approved, usually at great economic and social costs to rural environments and communities.  Through consultations and visiting wind farms, the Australian Wind Farm Commissioner grasps that the wind industry is destroying many areas … Continue reading Wind Farm Bird Kills ‘Should Be Revealed’

Wind Farm Commissioner’s Report 2018

DeFrock offers the following:   Raymond Hartmonds paper suggests disinformation is likely being used to 'improperly shape public policy': DeFrock agrees that 'people are still worried about wind turbines'. Magpies and eagles aside, the Volcanic Plains, hills and vistas surrounding Ballarat is spectacular.  DeFrock supports honouring the history of beloved rural landscapes; the locally known nooks … Continue reading Wind Farm Commissioner’s Report 2018

Wind Farm Noise Recorded Almost 9km Away

Source:  Posted on June 19, 2019 by newsdesk Photo: stock image. Flinders University researchers are investigating the effects on human sleep of noise emissions from wind farm turbines. Audible and potentially annoying indoor low-frequency noise from a wind farm is present for about 16% of the time at distances up to 3.5km, field data recorded in South Australia … Continue reading Wind Farm Noise Recorded Almost 9km Away