Toxic Shock: Millions of Wind Turbine Blades Leave Poisoned Landfill Legacy For Generations To Come


Troubled teenagers demanding an all wind and sun powered future are setting themselves up for an almighty toxic shock, with hundreds of millions of wind turbine blades destined for landfill.

As Steve St. Angelo reports from the USA, wind turbine blades are non-recyclable due to the fact that they are a complex composite of highly toxic plastics, comprising fiberglass, epoxy, polyvinyl chloride foam, polyethylene terephthalate foam, balsa wood, and polyurethane coatings.

Already, thousands of 45-70m blades are being ground up and mixed with concrete used in the bases of other turbines erected later or simply dumped in landfill. Which should worry locals: the plastics in the blades are highly toxic, and contain Bisphenol A, which is so dangerous to health that the European Union and Canada have banned it.

When an ‘industry’ presents itself as being purer than driven snow, it’s understandable that the proletariat might be just a…

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