Petition: Stop all wind turbine projects until “infrasound” health issues have been investigated.

Paul Swift has started a Petition asking for signatures; ‘to help persuade governments all over the world to stop all wind turbine projects until the health issues caused by infrasound are thoroughly investigated by an independent body’.



DeFrock acknowledges and thanks Steven Cooper for investigating wind turbine noise and travelling throughout the world presenting that knowledge for greater understanding of sound issues experienced at wind energy projects.

Steven Cooper, an acoustic engineer for forty years, has for the past 9 years been asking relevant questions and thoroughly investigating noise issues at wind farms.  He has a hugely respected understanding of noise, what it is and how it may impact on people.

In February, 2018, he was interviewed by Sherri Lange and an article in Master Resource explains the ‘wind turbine signature’ and the pulsation occuring at an infrasound rate.

Steven Cooper presented a number of papers to the Acoustical Society of America in New Orleans.  Here is one:

Subjective perception of wind turbine noise – The stereo approach-Steven Edwin Cooper, and Chris Chan

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