The purpose of DeFrock is:

  • to expose the lies, propaganda and personal slander used by wind industry proponents to promote and impose unsafe wind turbines on country residents and power consumers;
  • to provide a reliable database to assist those involved in understanding and resisting wind turbines;
  • to identify, and see bought to account, politicians, bureaucrats and purveyors of false expertise, e.g., acousticians, health, landscape and wildlife experts who have given false or inadequate evidence (never given under oath) to planning panels or their equivalents in other States;
  • to assist those suffering from wind turbine syndrome and other human rights violations obtain proper compensation;
  • to impose proper regulation of these dangerous machines, and ultimately to restore electricity to Australian at globally competitive prices.

The wind energy industry has presented itself as a vital part of the solution to  man-made global warming. Many have embraced this proposition. DeFrock notes that this postulation is somewhere between a noble fantasy and a serious fraud.

DeFrock’s principal concern is the present and increasing environmental and human damage which wind turbines impose largely, but not only, upon rural communities.

DeFrock has access to truly independent experts and researchers in most relevant disciplines and will also access the work of the Waubra Foundation and the ‘Stop These Things” and AWED and other websites.

DeFrock will endeavour to prepare and distribute a number of key documents that will provide politicians, responsible bureaucrats, journalists and the public with must-know facts about the wind industry in the hope that this will lead to dependable, rational, affordable and safe power generation. Beyond this DeFrock will produce advice to the public on bringing the wind industry to account.

DeFrock commits to use its best efforts to identify and present the truth about the damage wind turbines causes to individuals, families and power consumers.

DeFrock has not sought, nor received, funding from any third party.