Brolga Protector’s ACF Award

December, 2022

Hamish Cumming 2022 Australian Conservation Foundation Award Winner.

Following Article Source:,Brolga%20populations%20and%20their%20habitats.

Hamish Cumming. Photo: Supplied. 

Hamish Cumming

2022 award winner

Hamish Cumming is a Darlington farmer and mechanical engineer who has worked tirelessly for three decades to conserve Brolga populations and their habitats. On his 4,500 acre property he has conserved a large area of wetland habitats and native grasslands that contribute significantly to the region’s biodiversity.

These wetlands are home to several nesting pairs of Brolgas and include two significant flocking sites. In the past 15 years, he has been integral in raising awareness of the conservation plight of Brolgas and the need to protect them from inappropriately located development projects in the region, particularly wind farms.

Brolgas are listed as Endangered under the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (FFGA) [1] and there are only a few hundred nesting pairs left in southwest Victoria.

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