Bald Hills Noise Monitoring Data-Thorne Bob; and Noise Measurement Services

Author:  “Thorne, Bob”-Thorne, Bob; and Noise Measurement Services “Noise Measurement Services

Bald Hills Wind Farm Summary Report (45.04 MB) [alt. link]

‘The monitoring program confirms that sound levels were exceeded, and sleep disturbance, intrusive noise and nuisance conditions existed at the homes of the persons involved during this monitoring program:’ p.8.

Bald Hills Noise Monitoring PTR Data: “The 40 dB(A) noise limit is exceeded on the days coloured ‘peach’/’transparent red’ (PTR)”

Bald Hills Noise Diary Analysis May 2018 to March 2019 Final.xlsx (0.29 MB) [alt. link]

Comparison of wind vs special audible characteristics (SACs) vs power generation (SCADA), May-Sept 2018 (5.64 MB) [alt. link]

Bald Hills Wind Farm Video (141.79 MB) [alt. link]:

Sample noise event charts (colour dots represent noise complaints):



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