Efforts To Pool Wind Farm Funds Launched

8th April, 2021 Source: By Terang Express Maximise spending: Former Moyne Shire councillor Colin Ryan, RE-Alliance representatives Tony Goodfellow and Lucy Allen, and local Mick Murphy OAM have floated the idea of pooling wind farm funding streams in to one fund to maximise investment in big ticket programs and assets. Moyne residents have been encouraged … Continue reading Efforts To Pool Wind Farm Funds Launched

Living Near Wind Farms Could Damage Your Hearing-2014

1st October 2014, By Camilla Turner, The Telegraph Source; https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/energy/windpower/11131544/Living-close-to-wind-farms-could-cause-hearing-damage.html The Royal Society publishes new research and warns of the danger that low-frequency sound emitted by wind turbines can pose. Living near wind farms could lead to severe hearing damage or even deafness, according to a new research that warns of potential dangers from low-frequency … Continue reading Living Near Wind Farms Could Damage Your Hearing-2014

Wind farm Complaints-2019

Wind Farm Complaints Continue To Dwindle, Latest Annual Report Shows 9th September 2020 By Peter Hannam, The Sydney Morning Herald Source: https://www.smh.com.au/national/wind-farm-complaints-continue-to-dwindle-latest-annual-report-shows Community concerns about the impacts of wind farms continue to dwindle, with just five complaints about operational turbines registered by the Office of the Wind Farm Commissioner in 2019. According to the latest … Continue reading Wind farm Complaints-2019

Identifying Birds’ Collision Risk With Wind Turbines

Identifying Birds' Collision Risk with Wind Turbines Using a Multidimensional Utilization Distribution Method- Sam Khosravifard, Andrew K. Skidmore, Babak Naimi, Valentijn Venus, Antonio R. Muñoz, Albertus G. Toxopeus Source: Full document Published 27th January 2020 https://wildlife.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/wsb.1056 Abstract Renewable energy plays a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, the expansion of wind farms has … Continue reading Identifying Birds’ Collision Risk With Wind Turbines

Understanding Bird Collisions At Wind Farms- 2014

ReviewUnderstanding bird collisions at wind farms: An updated review on the causes and possible mitigation strategies. Ana Teresa Marques a, Helena Batalha, Sandra Rodrigues, Hugo Costa, Maria João Ramos Pereira, Carlos Fonseca, Miguel Mascarenhas, Joana Bernardino AbstractBird mortality due to collisions with wind turbines is one of the major ecological concerns associated with wind farms. … Continue reading Understanding Bird Collisions At Wind Farms- 2014

Moyne Shire Council Push For 1.5 Km Wind Farm Turbine Setback.

'Moyne Council will also write to the state government asking it to adopt a five-kilometre setback between a wind farm and a township or city boundary, to preserve amenity and opportunities for urban growth'-Article The Standard.

The council has previously determined to oppose any more wind farms in the shire until the state government adopts a range of the commissioner's recommendations.

Altered Cortical And Sub Cortical Connectivity Due To Infrasound Administered Near The Hearing Threshold-Evidence From fMRI.

'While increased local connectivity in ACC and rAmyg may only reflect an initial bodily stress response towards (sub-)liminal IS, we speculate that stimulation over longer periods of time could exert a profound effect on autonomic functions and may eventually lead to the formation of symptoms such as sleep disturbances, panic attacks or depression, especially when additional risk factors, such as an increased sensibility towards noise, or strong expectations about the harmfulness of IS are present'.

-Markus Weichenberger, Martin Bauer, Robert Kühler, Johannes Hensel, Caroline Garcia Forlim, Albrecht Ihlenfeld, Bernd Ittermann, Jürgen Gallinat, Christian Koch, and Simone Kühn