Health Effects of Industrial Wind: The Debate Intensifies

Health Effects of Industrial Wind: The Debate Intensifies (update with Steven Cooper) 30th July, 2020 By Sherri Lange - Master Resource Source: “Exposing the fact that the cost-benefit analyses for wind farms are wrong, the power output modelling is wrong, the acoustic modelling is wrong, and the acoustic dose response data is wrong could … Continue reading Health Effects of Industrial Wind: The Debate Intensifies

Planning Provision VC113 Allows More Powerful Turbines-2014

'The categorisation “minor” camouflages major concessions made by a responsible public official and senior Victorian Government Minister to an industry which is knowingly and deliberately harming rural residents with acoustic pollution from wind turbines. VC113 will inevitably and predictably result in more widespread and severe abuses of human rights, particularly the torture of wind project neighbours from prolonged sleep deprivation.'

‘It’s Past Time To Flip The Bird At Wind Turbines.’

'Experience overseas suggests that, apart from hydro power, renewables are unreliable, uneconomical and very unfriendly to the environment they are claimed to protect. Evidence from places investing heavily in renewables such as Denmark, Germany and California demonstrates they are intermittent power generators needing back-up from conventional energy sources.'-John Mikkelsen

Wind Turbines in Court: What Are the Issues?

'The plaintiffs claim that developers built the project too close to their homes and as a result, have created a number of hazards and adverse health effects, including sleep disturbance, annoyance, headaches, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, motion sickness, bodily sensations, fatigue, stress, depression, memory deficits, inability to concentrate, anxiety and an overall reduced quality of life. The complaint says that these effects are largely due to the shadow flicker and loud noise that comes from the turbines when they are in motion.'

Adverse Health Impacts Of Industrial Wind Turbines: A Scientific Response To “Its All In Your Head”

file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/Raymond_Hartman_The_Adverse_Health_Impacts_of_IWTs-Its_all_in_your_head-full_with_CV.pdf Author:  Hartman, Raymond- 5th April 2013 In this paper, I review two recently completed research papers that purport to provide scientific evidence regarding the adverse health effects of Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs). Having done so, I find that they provide no scientific information. Rather, they present disinformation which may be used to improperly shape public … Continue reading Adverse Health Impacts Of Industrial Wind Turbines: A Scientific Response To “Its All In Your Head”