Robbins Island Windfarm Proposal

Robbins Island windfarm proposal gets more than 380 representations 14th March, 2022 By Meg Whitfield, The Advocate More than 380 representations have been received in response to a development application for a proposed 122-turbine windfarm at Robbins Island, off Circular Head. Proponents UPC Robbins Island lodged the development application and Environmental Action Plan for the contentious … Continue reading Robbins Island Windfarm Proposal

SA Today Tonight Report on Wind Farms-2012

20th July, 2021 Via Wind Farm Living Some of you watched this Today Tonight report back in 2012 – It is now time to WATCH IT AGAIN..!! No longer can a person in office “chicken out” of their Professional and Public Duty of Care. Wind Farm Company Directors, Acousticians, Politicians, Consultants, Councillors and now … Continue reading SA Today Tonight Report on Wind Farms-2012

Green MP Calls Wind Farm Noise Complaints ‘Malicious’

25th November, 2020 By Dr Tim Read; An Extract sourced from Public Health And Wellbeing Amendment Bill 2020 "Wind turbine syndrome is an example of something that spread rapidly, and it was fanned and encouraged by those who opposed swift and decisive action on climate change" Dr READ (Brunswick): It is a pleasure to … Continue reading Green MP Calls Wind Farm Noise Complaints ‘Malicious’

Wind Farm Commissioner’s Report 2018

DeFrock offers the following:   Raymond Hartmonds paper suggests disinformation is likely being used to 'improperly shape public policy': DeFrock agrees that 'people are still worried about wind turbines'. Magpies and eagles aside, the Volcanic Plains, hills and vistas surrounding Ballarat is spectacular.  DeFrock supports honouring the history of beloved rural landscapes; the locally known nooks … Continue reading Wind Farm Commissioner’s Report 2018