Burn Money: Wind Farms In Tas and Vic Are “Correlated” — All Useless At The Same Time.

Tasmania – Australia’s offshore wind farm? -Guest post by Tom Quirk and Paul Miskelly.

Is it possible that Tasmania could become Australia’s offshore wind farm? A proposal by UPC Renewables[1] [1] an international developer of wind farms, suggests that a 1000 MW wind farm could play on important role in moderating the intermittent supply of electricity from renewable resources.

Updated Petition: Stop All Wind Turbine Projects Until “Infrasound” Health Issues Have Been Investigated.

'The more people are aware of infrasound [Wind Turbine Signature/Pulsations, see comment below-DeFrock] the more objections will be made and then the authorities who are looking at wind farm applications will just have to take notice'- Paul Swift See an update on Paul Swifts' petition here; https://www.change.org/p/paul-swift-stop-all-wind-turbine-developments-until-infrasound-health-issues-have-been-investigated-67f152f1-112b-4164-a626-94b6d8e5ea2d/u/24557748?cs_tk=Ai7I81RCQ9WeAkDo31wAAXicyyvNyQEABF8BvEz5UtVK7fxwJEbMEk7-K5k%3D&utm_campaign=096bbfc3c8fd4c68958f3af04ad7bcdd&utm_medium=email&utm_source=petition_update&utm_term=cs Paul Swift has started a change.org Petition asking … Continue reading Updated Petition: Stop All Wind Turbine Projects Until “Infrasound” Health Issues Have Been Investigated.

Golden Plains Wind Farm Planning Contradiction

Wind Plan needs scrutiny. 22 January 2019 Alex Ford, The Ballarat Courier The state government may have contradicted its own planning advice by approving the Golden Plains wind farm, lawyers say. The state government's environmental effects and planning assessment report for the project states "no other wind farm in Victoria has been approved with such … Continue reading Golden Plains Wind Farm Planning Contradiction

Bald Hills Wind Farm Adversely Affecting Residents-2019

By DeFrock Background The acoustic definition of noise is unwanted sound.  Properties near the Bald Hills wind farm are being affected by intrusive noise, loud enough to intrude on conversation and disturb the residents’ sleep.  The South Gippsland Shire Council investigation into the complaints somehow concluded there were no impacts from the wind farm.  This decision … Continue reading Bald Hills Wind Farm Adversely Affecting Residents-2019

Rules for Wind Project Layouts

Noise guidelines for wind projects are absolutely useless. Regardless, the so-called responsible authorities use them as permissible levels on which they approve an application for a permit to build a wind project. Guidelines are based on irrelevant parameters that cannot protect adjacent residents. They are the basis for a government licence to damage residents. There … Continue reading Rules for Wind Project Layouts