Moyne Shire Council put on notice 5.12.18

Almost 500 people displayed their anger at a Mortlake meeting and held placards stating ‘Enough is Enough!.  The community pushed for a ban on any further wind farms in the already overcrowded Mortlake region and settled with a motion at the Moyne Shire, for the State Government to adopt the recommendations of the national wind farm commissioner.  Mr Dyer suggests avoiding having multiple wind farms in one location.

Photo source: The Warrnambool Standard.

Protest anger: Photo The Standard.

This community like so many others wants a fair and transparent process. Read about it;

Video Hawkesdale Wind Farm Meeting-4.7.18

Video link of the Hawkesdale wind farm meeting with Chair Jim Doukas, Moyne Shire Councillor; Andrew Dyer, National Wind Farm Commissioner; Jane Homewood, Exec Director Statutory Planning Services, Tim Doolan, Senior Planner (DELWP) and 200 or so residents and members of the public.  People had the opportunity to question the panel and expressed concern about impacts this proposal and other wind farms has on them.

At the 29.10 min mark listen to Sonia Trist (Cape Bridgewater) saying at the meeting, that since the wind farm was built, she is “living a life of misery” and hear the Commissioner’s response which had the meeting in an uproar.

Dyer’s advice for Sonia, if you don’t like it, ‘leave’, could be applied to anyone living within 1km of a turbine.  Sonia publicly and clearly told the Commissioner that it was a ‘”callous” and “heartless” response.

It was not apparent that Ms Homewood grasped the sound and vibration nuisance impacts wind farms have on agricultural pursuits and farm work safety.  Mr Doolan’s role appeared to be solely pointing out how the Departmental process for approval of a wind farm works.

DeFrock congratulates Jim Doukas for a well conducted meeting and for continuing to question the appropriateness of wind turbines in the South West of Victoria, which is saturated with wind farms and where existing complaints of nuisance remain unresolved by either the Department or by the Commissioner.

Watch the video here;

Suggested further reading:

Victoria’s Western Front Erupts: Locals Launch All-Out Attack On Hawkesdale Wind Farm Plans



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