Chinese Wind Farm Fury Rocks Yass Valley Residents.

Neighbour Noeleen Hazel, who with husband Bruce has lived for almost 60 years at their farm Kia Ora in Bookham, next door to one of the sites, says the situation is “devastating”. “It will deface the unique landscape of the Coppabella Hills and cause environmental carnage,” she says. “We’ve been fighting this for years. We can’t believe it was approved. It’s split the communities – any project needing to pay ongoing bribes to receive support obviously lacks authenticity.” Among others who oppose the project, local John McGrath raised concerns about the changing air pressure on birds, asking: “If city people want this stuff, why don’t they put it on Bondi Beach?”

‘Sensing but not Hearing’: Steven Cooper On Wind Turbine Nuisance-Part 2.

'I suggest that with respect to the description of wind turbine noise it is a matter of terminology that needs a shift as follows: The language should be pulsations at an infrasound rate. Modulation of the entire signal at an infrasound rate. (Zwicker and Fastl call this fluctuation as a sensation detected by the ear). AM is present as some discrete low frequencies modulated at the bpf. UK method of AM is determining the modulation index of the fluctuating signal (not technically AM). You can determine the Modulation Index of the low frequency noise that is AM.' -Steven Cooper.

‘Sensing but not Hearing’: Steven Cooper On Wind Turbine Nuisance-Part 1.

November 6, 2019 By Sherri Lange-Master Resource Source: Congratulations to Steven Cooper on his appointment to the European Acoustics Association Technical Committee on Noise, as the group leader on wind turbine noise, and on presenting three papers at the International Congress on Acoustics in Germany. ~DeFrock. “But wind turbine noise issues are not just … Continue reading ‘Sensing but not Hearing’: Steven Cooper On Wind Turbine Nuisance-Part 1.

Human Rights And Wind Energy Projects-Part 3.

Written in 2016 by Peter Mitchell; 'Human rights and wind energy projects' will be posted on DeFrock in five parts. This document is a review of the possible breaches by wind energy projects of various of the human rights of people living in the vicinity of a wind project. It identifies and considers a number … Continue reading Human Rights And Wind Energy Projects-Part 3.