Open Letter To Moyne Shire Councillors: Ryan Corner – Strategic Planning

4th March 2021 Wind Farm Living Moyne Shire CouncillorsMayor Meade            Purcell     Doukas    Foster      Lockett    Smith       Gleeson   Dear Councillors, RE: Open Letter to Moyne Shire Councillors; Ryan Corner – Strategic Planning Dear Councillors, let me explain what you have voted not to do,Once you realise that 40 decibels (40dB) of noise in a rural … Continue reading Open Letter To Moyne Shire Councillors: Ryan Corner – Strategic Planning

Push For Noise Testing Rejected

Moyne Shire councillors reject push for noise testing at Ryan Corner wind farm site 2nd March, 2021 By Jackson Graham, The Standard A south-west council won't pay to do noise testing at a second wind farm site, despite agreeing months earlier to test the Hawkesdale Wind Farm. Moyne Shire councillors voted 1-6 not in favour … Continue reading Push For Noise Testing Rejected

Vic Renewable Energy Directions Paper – 2021

DELWP-REZ-Development-Plan-Directions-paperDownload Source REZ-Development-Plan-Directions-paper, Figure 1 Victoria’s Renewable Energy Zones This plan paves the way to Victoria being endlessly opened up to more renewables, energy infrastructure, management and costs. The Victorian government is investing $540 million from the Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) Fund to build Victoria's REZ network and set up VicGrid in July 21. The … Continue reading Vic Renewable Energy Directions Paper – 2021

Wind Farm Stoush

150 regional jobs on line in wind farm stoush over Chinese steel 20th February 2021 By Paul Sakkal, The Age Source; More than 150 regional jobs are at risk because a multinational has chosen to use cheaper imported steel, likely from China, instead of local product to build a $360 million wind farm in … Continue reading Wind Farm Stoush

Email To & From Energy & Emissions Reduction Minister re: SA EPA Response

14.12.20 Dear SirsPlease find attached the response from the SA EPA to submissions frommembers of the public and the Wind Turbine industry.As you will see it appears the EPA has spent a longtime doing nothingexcept reading reports/research etc, they have not undertaken anyphysical research themselves.Nor have they provided a Bibliography of what they have read, … Continue reading Email To & From Energy & Emissions Reduction Minister re: SA EPA Response

Professor A. Salt Letter To AAAC

Salt-A-to-Warpenius-Chair-AAAC-18-9-13Downloads Professor Salt studies the effects of low frequency noise on the ear. He is an expert on the physiology of the ear and understands how infrasonic stimuli cause a response in the ear. In 2013, he wrote to the Chairman of AAAC about peddling misinformation, misdirecting peoples trust and stated it is false to, … Continue reading Professor A. Salt Letter To AAAC

Complaints Process Inadequate

30th January 2021 By Ash Bolt, The Hamilton Spectator An ongoing bone of contention in the south-west, community group Wind Farm Living says the complaints process offered by Moyne Shire for residents, is "unsatisfactory and inadequate". A South-West community group has labelled the Moyne Shire's wind farm complaint-handling process as "unsatisfactory and inadequate" in a … Continue reading Complaints Process Inadequate