Environmental Downside To Solar & Wind Farms

21st October, 2021 By Andrew bolt, Skynews https://www.skynews.com.au/opinion/andrew-bolt/environmental-downside-to-solar-and-wind-farms/video/5771f17d09e8c9cdf4ffe44f2583de64 NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham says there is an “environmental downside” to solar and wind farms. “Both solar and wind farms eat up vast tracts of land, the wind farms have an environmental cost in destroying prime agricultural land, and destroying millions of birds around the … Continue reading Environmental Downside To Solar & Wind Farms

Call To Halt Robbins Island Proposal

24th April, 2021 By Helen Kempton, Mercury A Tasmanian bird expert has thrown his weight behind claims Robbins Island is a sanctuary for shorebirds and no place for a wind farm. A group of locals, including independent state election candidate Craig Garland, has long been calling for UPC Renewables’ proposed wind farm on the island … Continue reading Call To Halt Robbins Island Proposal

A Majesty Peculiar To The Species-2014

24th April, 2021 By Ann Jones, Off Track, ABC Radio National https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/offtrack/majesty-wedge-tailed-eagle/13315038 Ann Jones Interviews Humphrey Price-Jones 'There is something about the Wedge-tailed Eagle which grips this man in the guts. He is compelled to paint them, life-size and in minute detail, despite the fact he finds little joy in the process.' Humphrey Price-Jones is … Continue reading A Majesty Peculiar To The Species-2014

Brolgas Heading For Extinction

16th December,2020 By Wind Farm Living Subject: Our Brolgas are heading for extinction on DELWP's Watch.. Hi Wind Farm Living Community, One of our most eminent Wind Farm Living members, Hamish Cumming has completely picked holes in the Moyne Shire’s proposed Brolga Standards submission. I am not sure why the Moyne Shire has not embraced his … Continue reading Brolgas Heading For Extinction

The Rare Australian Orange-Bellied Parrot Needs Protection

Learn about wind energy threats to Australia's Orange-bellied Parrot here ~ DeFrock; - https://www.swifft.net.au - https://www.environment.gov.au/system/files/resources/2d42fcbd-31ea-4739-b109-b420571338a3/files/wind-farm-bird-risk.pdf - https://www.anzsog.edu.au/preview-documents/case-study-level-1/196-parrot-the-the-wind-farm-and-the-minister-a-2007-49-1/file 'Major infrastructure such as wind farms that are inappropriately sited along flight lines between feeding and migrating areas poses a direct threat to Orange-bellied Parrots'.https://www.swifft.net.au/cb_pages/sp_orange-bellied_parrot.php Scientists race to save one of Australia’s rarest birds, the orange-bellied parrot … Continue reading The Rare Australian Orange-Bellied Parrot Needs Protection