Falmouth Massachusetts

Falmouth Massachusetts Wind Turbines Déjà Vu or Insanity 27th June 2022 By Frank Haggerty Source: https://www.windtaskforce.org/profiles/blog/show?id=4401701%3ABlogPost%3A243164 Falmouth, Massachusetts today is considering placing buried onshore wind turbine high voltage cables through residential neighborhoods up to 345,000 volts.  Studies show that HVDE, high voltage dirty electricity could disrupt important electrical processes within the human body. Long-term exposure to this type of electro-pollution has … Continue reading Falmouth Massachusetts

Mumblin WF Tractor Protest

Tractors meet Mumblin Wind Farm proponents at Ecklin Community Hall drop-in meeting 20th June 2022 by Jessica Greenan, The Standard Source: https://www.standard.net.au/story/7786959/fbclid=IwAR0Ioneg7Cho3BCFlGtZk4xqRlXh_qax3dslE0QN9ZK5iKNnUnXI4G-DxQA A convoy of tractors rolled up to a tense meeting between south-west residents and the developers of a wind farm near Cobden on Saturday. A migration of 15 machines with signs including "No … Continue reading Mumblin WF Tractor Protest

Moyne Shire Councillors Reject Bid For Wind Turbine At Illowa

6th April, 2021 By Monique Patterson, The Standard Source: https://www.standard.net.au/story/7198084/bid-for-domestic-wind-turbine-knocked-back/ Moyne Shire councillors have knocked back an application for a domestic wind turbine at Illowa. The applicant wanted to build the 14-metre structure at 81 Douglas Lane. Council officers recommended approving the application but Cr Jim Doukas put forward an alternative motion to reject it. … Continue reading Moyne Shire Councillors Reject Bid For Wind Turbine At Illowa

Wind Turbines in Court: What Are the Issues?

'The plaintiffs claim that developers built the project too close to their homes and as a result, have created a number of hazards and adverse health effects, including sleep disturbance, annoyance, headaches, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, motion sickness, bodily sensations, fatigue, stress, depression, memory deficits, inability to concentrate, anxiety and an overall reduced quality of life. The complaint says that these effects are largely due to the shadow flicker and loud noise that comes from the turbines when they are in motion.'

Wind Farm Bird Kills ‘Should Be Revealed’

Highly paid environmental consultants used during wind farm planning assessments, can hardly be independent, when their aim is getting proposed wind farms approved, usually at great economic and social costs to rural environments and communities.  Through consultations and visiting wind farms, the Australian Wind Farm Commissioner grasps that the wind industry is destroying many areas … Continue reading Wind Farm Bird Kills ‘Should Be Revealed’