Noise Matters

Noise Matters: Wind Farms, Nuisance and the Law 4th May 2022 by Binoy Kampmark, World News, International Policy digest Source: Wind farm in rural South Australia. For years, the Australian wind farm has been reviled as ugly, noisy, and unendearing by a certain number of prominent figures. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott pathologized them, calling … Continue reading Noise Matters

Moyne Shire Council Ordinary Meeting-Dec 2020

Watch the Moyne Shire Council discuss a proposed wind farm that the community have been under the shadow of for 12 years. The noise standard under which wind farms operate do not adequately resolve community concerns and issues; being based on traffic noise that differs to wind farm noise. Broad spectrum noise testing near wind … Continue reading Moyne Shire Council Ordinary Meeting-Dec 2020