More Than $10B Spent On Renewables

More than $10B spent on renewables a ‘huge albatross around the neck’ of Australia 23rd August, 2020, Dr Alan Moran on Sky News Source: On average, Australia is spending $13 billion trying to get rid of coal and trying to interject renewable energy in the electricity market, according to economist Alan Moran. The Australian … Continue reading More Than $10B Spent On Renewables

AEMO Report~ Solar Surge; SA At Risk Of Major Blackouts.

'Household solar panel systems could be turned on and off under State Government instructions in a bid to avert statewide blackouts predicted as early as this spring, a new report shows.

The unprecedented move is being triggered by concerns from the national energy market operator that South Australia’s world-leading take-up of solar panels is making the grid unstable'.-Matt Smith, The Advertiser.