Endless Wind Drought

The endless wind drought crippling renewables 23rd April, 2023 By Rafe Champion, Opinions, spectator.com.au Source: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/04/the-endless-wind-drought-crippling-renewables/ The spectre of power failure is haunting Europe as Britain and Germany demonstrate that modern societies can’t run on wind and solar power. Wind droughts are the fatal flaw in the system and one can envisage a future book … Continue reading Endless Wind Drought

$1.5m for Spinifex Offshore Wind

Vic offshore wind farm project gets $1.5m 5th October, 2022 Source: https://au.news.yahoo.com/vic-offshore-wind-farm-project-163132487.html An offshore wind farm project off the coast of Portland in Victoria will get $1.5 million in funding to explore whether it could be commercially viable. Spinifex Offshore Wind Farm Pty Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Alinta Energy, will examine whether the … Continue reading $1.5m for Spinifex Offshore Wind

Victoria’s Tesla Big Battery Catches Fire

30th July, 2021 By Mark Ludlow and Angela Macdonald-Smith, Financial Review Source: https://www.afr.com/companies/energy/victoria-s-tesla-big-battery-catches-fire-20210730-p58eg7 French renewable giant Neoen’s Victorian Big Battery at Geelong caught fire on Friday, only a day after it began operations. In the first major fire at big battery project in Australia, a Tesla Megapack battery caught fire at the 300 megawatt battery project at … Continue reading Victoria’s Tesla Big Battery Catches Fire