Psychoacoustics To The Rescue

26th May 2021 By Steven Cooper. Wind Turbine Noise: Psychoacoustics to the Rescue. Forum Acusticum, Dec 2020, Lyon, France wind turbine noise psychoacousticsDownload Protecting the acoustic amenity of communities living near wind farms is at the forefront of Steven Coopers outstanding work. Effective investigation of wind turbine noise requires working with residents, utilising residents diaries … Continue reading Psychoacoustics To The Rescue

Acoustic Study Links Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm, Noise-2015

17th February, 2015 By Peter Collins, The Standard Source;  Pacific Hydro has agreed further study is required to obtain a rigour to withstand scientific scrutiny. PACIFIC Hydro has declared it won’t be paying compensation or modifying operation of its Cape Bridgewater wind farm following an acoustic study which found a link between infrasound and … Continue reading Acoustic Study Links Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm, Noise-2015

Research Project-Wind Farm Noise Study.

'The expansion of wind farm facilities in Australia has led to widespread community complaints regarding noise, sleep disturbance and adverse health effects.

This five-year collaborative study is looking into how the noise from wind turbines affects people's health. It also tests how much windfarm noise disturbs sleep compared to traffic noise'.

Human Rights And Wind Energy Projects-Part 1.

Industry spin and uncritical but determined admirers of wind energy have encouraged the political and public view of the wind industry as beyond criticism and critical analysis. In contrast people living in the vicinity of Wind Energy Projects (WEPs) have been suffering both mentally and physically since turbines have appeared in their previously quiet, peaceful and healthy environments.

Wind Turbines in Court: What Are the Issues?

'The plaintiffs claim that developers built the project too close to their homes and as a result, have created a number of hazards and adverse health effects, including sleep disturbance, annoyance, headaches, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, motion sickness, bodily sensations, fatigue, stress, depression, memory deficits, inability to concentrate, anxiety and an overall reduced quality of life. The complaint says that these effects are largely due to the shadow flicker and loud noise that comes from the turbines when they are in motion.'

Wind Farm Commissioner’s Report 2018

DeFrock offers the following:   Raymond Hartmonds paper suggests disinformation is likely being used to 'improperly shape public policy': DeFrock agrees that 'people are still worried about wind turbines'. Magpies and eagles aside, the Volcanic Plains, hills and vistas surrounding Ballarat is spectacular.  DeFrock supports honouring the history of beloved rural landscapes; the locally known nooks … Continue reading Wind Farm Commissioner’s Report 2018

Fears Of Moorabool Wind Farm located near CFA’s Contaminated Fiskville Training Site.

June 23, 2019 Debbie Cuthbertson, The Age Talking points Elevated PFAS levels found at 17 sites in Victoria including Fiskville. Humans most commonly exposed by drinking or eating things that contain PFAS. Federal government says no consistent evidence proves PFAS harmful to health. A 2016 study confirmed cancer cluster involving firefighters at CFA Fiskville.  In … Continue reading Fears Of Moorabool Wind Farm located near CFA’s Contaminated Fiskville Training Site.

‘Major crisis’: Wind farm fears in wake of Labor’s climate policy.

Alan Jones is concerned Labor’s climate change policy would mean the construction of more wind farms, negatively impacting on rural landowners. A Labor government would aim to cut emissions by 45 per cent by the year 2030. Alan Jones says this proposal would require the construction of far more wind farms. in the Australian countryside. He … Continue reading ‘Major crisis’: Wind farm fears in wake of Labor’s climate policy.