Hawkesdale Pleas Denied

Hawkesdale residents' bid to stop wind farm project denied by Victorian Court of Appeal 17th August 2022 By Lexie Jeuniewic, ABC Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-08-18/hawkesdale-wind-farm-residents-lose-court-appeal-victoria/101346406 The Hawkesdale Wind Farm will span 2,280 hectares.(Source: Global Power Generation (GPG)) A group of residents' final bid to stop a wind farm near Hawkesdale in south-west Victoria has been rejected by … Continue reading Hawkesdale Pleas Denied

Farmers Fight Hexham Plan

Farmers fight windfarm plan 11th May, 2020 By McPherson Media Group, Dairy News Australia Source: https://www.dairynewsaustralia.com.au/news/farmers-fight-windfarm-plan/ DAIRY FARMER angst is growing over plans for a giant wind farm in south-west Victoria. Farmers have joined a Moyne Shire Hexham wind farm community engagement committee and will argue that prime farming land should be kept for farming purposes. Committee … Continue reading Farmers Fight Hexham Plan

Mumblin WF Tractor Protest

Tractors meet Mumblin Wind Farm proponents at Ecklin Community Hall drop-in meeting 20th June 2022 by Jessica Greenan, The Standard Source: https://www.standard.net.au/story/7786959/fbclid=IwAR0Ioneg7Cho3BCFlGtZk4xqRlXh_qax3dslE0QN9ZK5iKNnUnXI4G-DxQA A convoy of tractors rolled up to a tense meeting between south-west residents and the developers of a wind farm near Cobden on Saturday. A migration of 15 machines with signs including "No … Continue reading Mumblin WF Tractor Protest

Sleep Disturbance And Industrial Wind: Update With Stephen Cooper

18th March, 2021 By Sherri Lange, Master Resource Source: https://www.masterresource.org/windpower-health-effects/sleep-disturbance-wind-stephen-cooper/ “It would appear in our recent work that the major level of disturbance occurs during the change in the power output of the windfarm and that the percentage of the change is significantly less than that presented in Cape Bridgewater.”“In Australia, residents can plot the … Continue reading Sleep Disturbance And Industrial Wind: Update With Stephen Cooper

Wind Farm Projects Granted Multiple Extensions To Permit

Wind farm commissioner says permits should only be extended once as south-west projects granted multiple extensions 11th December, 2020 By Jackson Graham, The Standard https://www.standard.net.au/story/7051845/wind-farm-commissioner-says-permits-should-only-be-extended-once/  RECOMMENDATIONS: National Wind Farm Commissioner Andrew Dyer says wind farms should only be granted one extension to planning permits. Australia’s Wind Farm Commissioner says south-west wind proposals should only receive … Continue reading Wind Farm Projects Granted Multiple Extensions To Permit

Wind Farm Says Sharing Power Lines Sometimes ‘Not Practicable’-2018

24th April, 2018 By Everard Himmelreich, The Standard https://www.standard.net.au/story/5360107/wind-farm-says-sharing-power-lines-is-difficult/  Visual impact: Metal pylons erected to carry transmission lines from the Salt Creek wind farm stand over standard power poles near the Terang terminal station. Calls by the south-west community for wind farm companies to share transmission lines were difficult to accommodate when new south-west wind farms were … Continue reading Wind Farm Says Sharing Power Lines Sometimes ‘Not Practicable’-2018