Our Brolgas- Lesson 14

Educating the Lawyers – Lesson 14 Our Brolgas are not for Wind Companies to Kill Off

7th June 2022


Just to be clear – Records of 13 Brolgas were able to be deciphered from Veltheim’s data.

The other birds either died off, the GPS signal was lost or there’s more data yet to be provided.

The 13 Lines on the graph represent the maximum distance each of the Brolgas travelled from their nest each month.

The Breeding season is usually from the months June to November – The distances travelled during this time is their “Home Range”

They “Flock” during the other times of the year.

It is the protection during the times they nest on their wetland home ranges that is most important.

Brolgas need at least a minimum distance of 5km protection zone from turbines to successfully breed during their breeding periods.

Although the data showed their home range distances were predominantly between 5kms and 35kms, all we are requesting is a minimum of 5km to give them a chance.

Without this protection buffer the Brolgas won’t breed – and if they don’t breed they will eventually die off.

DELWP believe they can get away with claiming Brolgas only need a 900m protection zone from turbines.

You can see where the red dashed line – – – – – – –  sits on the graph.

They reference Veltheim’s walking chick data as their scientific evidence and ignored 93% of the actual GPS tracking data she collected.

It is obvious that this is NOT what the science demonstrates.  

It is obvious that DELWP have been caught out – protecting the wind farms and not our endangered Brolgas.

…. Do you think some heads should roll over this scam ??

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