Ruling of Hawkesdale People v Planning Minister

20210820 Hawkesdale v Minister for Planning 2021 VSC 510Download Hawkesdale community group's case dismissed against wind farm 20th August, 2021 by Jackson Graham and Kyra Gillespie, The Standard A Hawkesdale community group’s claim that an extension to a planning permit for a wind farm on the town’s outskirts was invalid has been dismissed by … Continue reading Ruling of Hawkesdale People v Planning Minister

Help The Town Of Hawkesdale

Help us fight a Wind Farm in the Supreme Court !! John Bos is organizing this fundraiser. We need a hand to SAVE OUR TOWN from the horrors of a Wind Farm being built next-door. We are the People of the Small Town of Hawkesdale, and we are taking the VictorianPlanning Minister and Global … Continue reading Help The Town Of Hawkesdale

$2bn Wind Farm; Permit Changes?

Key changes wanted to $2bn wind farm 23rd December, 2020 By Chad Van Estrop, Geelong Advertiser THE developer of a $2bn wind farm planned for northwest of Geelong wrote to landowners telling them it wanted to expand the project before Australia’s highest court decided it could proceed. The 228-turbine Golden Plains wind farm at Rokewood … Continue reading $2bn Wind Farm; Permit Changes?

State Gov. Approves Wind Farms On Merits.

State government firm on approving wind farms on 'merits' as Moyne Shire doubles down on opposing current planning approach 30th August, 2020 By Jackson Graham, The Standard IMPASSE: The state government says it is firm on approving wind farms on "merits" as Moyne Shire doubles down on opposing the current approach to planning. The … Continue reading State Gov. Approves Wind Farms On Merits.

Planning Provision VC113 Allows More Powerful Turbines-2014

'The categorisation “minor” camouflages major concessions made by a responsible public official and senior Victorian Government Minister to an industry which is knowingly and deliberately harming rural residents with acoustic pollution from wind turbines. VC113 will inevitably and predictably result in more widespread and severe abuses of human rights, particularly the torture of wind project neighbours from prolonged sleep deprivation.'

Moyne Shire Council Push For 1.5 Km Wind Farm Turbine Setback.

'Moyne Council will also write to the state government asking it to adopt a five-kilometre setback between a wind farm and a township or city boundary, to preserve amenity and opportunities for urban growth'-Article The Standard.

The council has previously determined to oppose any more wind farms in the shire until the state government adopts a range of the commissioner's recommendations.