Locals In Tasmania’s Top Tourist Town Fight Wind Turbine Project

5th August, 2021 By Alysia Thomas-Sam Source: https://9now.nine.com.au/a-current-affair/tasmania-tourist-town-wind-turbine-war-with-energy-company/cfb3f70c-6bc2-4353-bc87-34d1440ba5ca In Tasmania's north-west, Stanley was crowned the state's top tourist town for 2021, known as the jewel of the region. Famous for an inactive volcano that resembles the shape of a nut and for some of the cleanest air in the world, Stanley is loved by locals. Sydney-based company Epuron also loves the … Continue reading Locals In Tasmania’s Top Tourist Town Fight Wind Turbine Project

Pilbara Renewable Export Hub ‘Smashed’

Massive Pilbara renewable export hub smashed by Feds. 17th June, 2021 By Paul Hunt, Senior Journalist: Energy & Commodities Source: https://www.energynewsbulletin.net/on-the-record/news/1412177/massive-pilbara-renewable-export-hub-smashed-by-feds THE GIGANTIC Asian Renewable Energy Hub which would cover a 6500 square kilometres in the East Pilbara, and export renewable electricity to Singapore, has been deemed too environmentally destructive by the federal government.  The … Continue reading Pilbara Renewable Export Hub ‘Smashed’